[every time you read “vomit” imagine, if you will, a clanging symbol signifying the start or end of something important, which one it is I’m not sure matters much]


you drift away pulled from me, once, pulled from me twice, pulled from me more times that I can remember accurately in this state of mind, a sleepy state of mind, alone on a three legged couch, maybe with insects crawling in my hair, I can never tell anymore. Pulled from me and given up by me, both true, both happened, I’ll admit that much. I find you less appealing now the older you get, the further you’re pulled, the less mine you become, the less me I see in you. That explains the waning attraction I suppose, as I said before, I might be a narcissist, at least on some level, but on some level we all are, don’t you think?


I have a problem with language, I’m overly verbal and underwhelmingly articulate, simultaneously at the same time, redundant, etc, its frustrating, at any rate. I have a problem with swearing, which never occurred to me to be a problem until I had children, so many children, and they all came out with ears, fully functioning, alert, awake, judgmental ears! I don’t want to harm those delicate ears, but then sometimes they don’t seem so delicate, they seem rough and tumble and anything but.



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