future song lyrics for when I’m famous

Oh God

that was it,

wasn’t it?

are we like the great minds of the past

thinking twisting turning inbred minds

or are we pressing towards the future

gadgets galore, tempered glass,

babes in toyland

digital convenience stores

Oh God

have mercy on

me, restore my

decomposing circuitry

torn between, ever and always

divided and dividing

two stuck in one, no windows,

self denying, cell dividing

heart attack

Oh God touch down

gently clear the space

around my overburdened flesh

silence the sufferers

neutralize, anesthetize

stay alive please

stay alive, private me

with your

long forgotten secret eyes

Oh God,

that was it

wasn’t it?


I got a glimpse

I went to sleep last night cold and under covers, thinking

about the love of god, feeling it

tangible, present, soft breath on my face

air thick, terry cloth,

molecules dance in front of me, I

try to grab them.

I woke up late this morning, all the babies

awake in the other room, living, squirming and

keeping alive

soft air, not thick anymore — but oh —

that radiant sunlight– the aching,

the longing.

“its light get up its day time”

they said.


hold on to them babies

quick footsteps


whirring fan, the only way

they sleep

whirring coffee, black and

dripping coffee

the only way i stay


bread and butter sideways

eating, big toothly bites

big toothy faces

its mine its mine its mine

she says to no one

in particular, but to all

of us, funny noises seep out they float

along wood floor planks into ear drums

hear it live it dream it

isn’t that what he always says?

blue sky backdrop flyways

morning praise

clench your fists its the only

way to keep them



[every time you read “vomit” imagine, if you will, a clanging symbol signifying the start or end of something important, which one it is I’m not sure matters much]


you drift away pulled from me, once, pulled from me twice, pulled from me more times that I can remember accurately in this state of mind, a sleepy state of mind, alone on a three legged couch, maybe with insects crawling in my hair, I can never tell anymore. Pulled from me and given up by me, both true, both happened, I’ll admit that much. I find you less appealing now the older you get, the further you’re pulled, the less mine you become, the less me I see in you. That explains the waning attraction I suppose, as I said before, I might be a narcissist, at least on some level, but on some level we all are, don’t you think?


I have a problem with language, I’m overly verbal and underwhelmingly articulate, simultaneously at the same time, redundant, etc, its frustrating, at any rate. I have a problem with swearing, which never occurred to me to be a problem until I had children, so many children, and they all came out with ears, fully functioning, alert, awake, judgmental ears! I don’t want to harm those delicate ears, but then sometimes they don’t seem so delicate, they seem rough and tumble and anything but.