music, other people's poems

demon host*

* This song is so pretty, I almost can’t handle it. It reminds me of this philosopher I read once named Jerrold Levinson who wrote on the aesthetics of music. He posited that music is not created. His arguments were based on symphonies not on contemporary pop music but whatevs. I bet one can extend his assertions to this context. The paper I read used Beethoven’s Ninth symphony as the example. He said the set of sounds in the Ninth Symphony have always existed (“if space exists then all the possible configurations in space exist necessarily”). In other words he is Plantonist about sound structures. He sees them as universals. I don’t know how convincing his argument is on paper… he tries to maintain that the composer does something (bc saying they didnt create anything would be ummm problematic) by separating the sound structure from the actual symphony (as in, Beethoven was responsible for ‘indicating’ or creating or perhaps DISCOVERING the symphony but the actual notes in that order and arrangement have always existed). That sounds menacing to me BUT the point is that it also makes sense to me on some innate level, the idea that beautiful melodies have always been ‘around’, you just have to stumble upon them, and your soul already knows them in some deep and meaningful way.


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