things I wrote during lunch this week

the hollywood sign

laughs at me as I speed, di-

sheveled, down Sunset


low-pile carpet burns

my knees when I’m down on them,

not that you would care.


the THREE of them they

hold me hostage with anti-

cipation and want.


I’m still embarrassed,

that thing I said to you that

you don’t remember.


you touched me in those

dark sweet places but it was

just a midnight dream.


the thing on my desk

it says GRIEVANCE in all caps;

I think about sex.


give me three minutes

and 17 syllables

I’ll tell you what’s what.


iPhone notes late aug – sep 11

The name of my memoir should be “against my better judgement”


Should i dye my hair this color?


The sun magazine

–> look it up


Bruising ?

Hard to breathe feeling

BLOATING WTF, why do I look five months pregnant, google says this is a thing!?!

Remember to:

Sign kids up for school lunch

Pay Internet

Water power gas etc

UCLA form

Library fines
to look back at old


It makes my stomach


to take new


It makes my stomach






like tina.

like the byrds.

like the mother fucking chicken

I just killed for dinner.
“I don’t know everything but I know some things and one thing I know is that your brains are REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT. It sends notes to your arms, your legs, stomach, back, and all your body parts.” – Clem
I keep

Pushing your picture

Further and further away from

The present tense
Burroughs’s list for 2015-16 accomplishments:

1. visit Oregon

2. learn to snowboard

3. learn to golf
Clemmy’s list for 2015-16

1.go to the desert with dad

2.learn about the year 1968

3. Play the drums