let’s do ecstasy

there is this genre
“hipster funk”, its my thang babe
let’s do ecstasy?

“make me feel safe”
“keep me in my place”
all those quotes
all those feelings

just do me out back already
push my head
over that railing

take me in
from behind
forget my name?

or better yet
“I bet you never
knew it”.


fortune telling

I thought about fortune telling
today, I thought about fortune

last summer I went to a fortune teller
She was young
she had tattoos
chest tattoos
neck tattoos
maybe a lily
maybe a crucifix

she wore red lipstick
she was big
she had big boobs
bulging out of her
velvet dress

she looked at me
happy face
sad eyes
I told her I wasn’t a believer
I did the thing
she did the thing
the thing was done

those words she spoke
smooth like butter
out of those over-
stuffed red lips
they hang like nooses
around so many necks
one at a time
crack, crack, crack

now I dream about her
I think back to that day
I remember the smell of the incense
the too thick
too stained
too burgundy carpet
how it felt under my shoes