iphone notes Oct 21-31

Holly ridge trail

Beaches ?

Griffith park?


1749 n Hudson

Los Angeles ca 90028


PK- Indian movie


Pris- blade runner
Lula-wild at heart


“So um why do Jedi’s need light sabers if they have the force anyways?” – B


Make car registration appt

Vacuum out car
Find new client for park view asap

Talk to Antquan
Start looking to connect path clients


You’ll be my only,
my one and only.
Is that the way it should start?


everything in your house is old
and rotting
the milk is two weeks past date
like always

people magazine
home and garden
target receipts
empty envelopes
over due phone bills
they should pay you rent
they push you around
make demands
mess up the place

you sit there on your
your purple tweed
you look at me
your eyes look through me
far beyond me
to reruns of the daily show

you talk at me
about politics
you talk at me
Tax brackets
The middle class

you have five of everything
coffee cups
zip lock bags
the newspaper

you buy me some too
I don’t ask for them
I don’t need them
I don’t want them
but I take them

white collared
tooth decay


I can’t stand the sight
of your
Non importance.


Pillow soft curls deva curls


Ask the dust- john Fontaine


hazel says new bar in silverlake


New Ear buds
Socks for B
Fake blood
White blouse



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