iphone notes Nov 2 – 7

“The left overs” HBO


Ted: “What do I want more of in my life?”

1. Exercise

2. Love

3. Alone time

4. Organization

5. Peace

6. Hikes

7. Kale

8. Contentment

9. Eating less

10. Guitar lessons

11. Sewing lessons

12. Personal growth

13. Friend time

14. Writing time

14.5 Time in general

15. Honesty

16. Kind words

17. Patience

18. Joy

19. Thrift stores

20. Record stores

21. Used book stores

22. Tea


“Look into your heart

what do you see there?”



Cod liver oil

Green tea


Renew ATTICUS work permit

Parent teacher conferences B and C


New food plan:

Stop coffee
nut butter




Research coffee consumption and blood sugar connection


Student loan

Parking ticket #1


hiking trails




Bars for dancing:

The Monty
Short stop
Honeycut (ask LT)


Look for a cover of the offspring


Lapsley — burn


Sharon Olds


“Side note” isn’t one word it seems, who knew


Kush (echo park)


Amazon crap
Marshals returns
Lindsey party
B soccer noon
Paint nails
Clean house w kids
Pay alls the bills

All I Want to do on this Day in November:

Is eat sour green apples

a melancholy,


full body


Is listen to that song

with the

bass line

that comes in

so sweet.

Is think about you

bad poetry

all day,

soft light

on repeat.

Is run

and run

and run

until this bitter

heart beats.



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