poems from 4/29

he eats oreos
two at a time and
quotes edgar allan poe
with great liberty

I wake up alone
and feel such relief
you were just
a dream

he says that you want
to fuck me
I tell him he is wrong
but I really hope
he is right

I like her messy eyebrows
how they spill out everywhere
sloppy girl I wish
I could loose control
that easily

there is no atheist on the street
I wonder sometimes if they
understand something
I do not
about god
the universe
what matters

unbridled love

I’m a 9 in Skid Row
according to some
Hollywood not so much
time takes its toll
these hips tell a story
at least that’s
what I’m told

I get sick to
my stomach
with syllables
I throw them up
5 at a time
I avoid the silence
but forget how to

“it is an elation I wish to
prolong” – May Swenson

he rhymes bloom and gloom and
looks at me
hungry for praise
that I won’t give

no crib for a bed
it dissolves me
a lonesome defeat

I fell asleep with
the oven on again
a thousand sweet potatoes
dead and gone

what have you hidden in a box of gold?
what about the gold box?
it was precious to him or her
what about the moth?
a symbol of deterioration

I laughed so hard
I wet my pants
on Selma Avenue
walking to the
piano bar

I receive the best compliments
from street dwellers
the most genuine smiles
from nobodies


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