not good at sharing

you say to cling but
I am going to cling hard
grasping at
the edges of your robe
a need fulfilled
biblical proportions
floods and lion’s dens
are y’all ready for this?
I don’t think you could be
even if you tried to be

I want to jump ship
your promise of love
a life raft?
a detour ?
historically speaking, this
doesn’t bode well

in our comedic tragedy
you can be the anchor and
I’ll be the seasick sailor
gripping the rails with
both hands
a hail mary chorus
praying for land
any land
any thing to stop the motion
the to and fro
just even for a

you are the defintion of steady
if I think about this too long
I panic
it is either all of us or
nothing at all
I am too hungry for only
part of you
I was never good at sharing


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