freedom fighter

I see you have been adding songs to the playlist I made, like, forever ago. Have you ever even opened the playlist I made you after Wyoming? “I miss you inside of me”?

I can hear the accountants talking about me from the other room, they just keep saying “Liz…Liz…Liz”. I always wonder if they are masturbating to me in the bathroom. Do all men want to fuck the women standing in front of them, or is that just a story I tell myself?

Re: The Secretary: the male character doesn’t remind of you directly, I just meant the movie as a whole reminded me of us. Yes, probably because of the intensity. You are only a monster sometimes. Occasionally. Rarely. No, sometimes. Never again?

Who is “????”?

I hate having a divided heart. Everything hurts. Integrity is a luxury, I think. That should be a haiku.

Thank you for the space.


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