dialogue, lists

The Liz Quiz

When making a decision, ask yourself…

  1. What does your body say? my body wants sex.
  2. What does your mind say? my mind wants sex, but is hesitant to jump into sex.
  3. What does your conscience say? my conscience says I should navigate October carefully, non-committally, prioritizing integrity over desire. I also don’t want to confuse the kids, and therefore should probably not have you (or anyone, obviously) in my bed until I have a clean conscience about doing so.
  4. Is this a want or a need? this is a want.
  5. Does it have to be Nick, or could it be anyone? sex could be anyone, technically, but I am specifically imagining sex with you, and your hairy chest, and your eyes on me.

I hope you found this informative.

Thank you for this template.


Now get to work on our script.


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