honesty #10

Thanks for being the stronger person last night. And giving up sex in the moment for my future mental health.

Some context for my answers to the LQ: I am glad you are here. I want to lean into this month, no question. I also think it is important for everyone that we maintain our lives separately in some respect (houses, etc.) so that it builds slowly, as it should, and no matter the outcome, that we are all okay (including the children).

Thanks so much for the booster seat. Truly.

Just FYI, I don’t necessarily want to be a stay at home mom in our hypothetical future. Ideally, I want to work part-time, at least, forever. What I learned from my first marriage was that the best co-parents BOTH work some and caretake some. So that everyone is giving and taking equally-ish. And resentments regarding kid-work imbalances don’t brew and build up into anger volcanos.