new poems, poetry

4 am wake-up

4 am wake up, irritated thrown back sheets, crying howling noises of displeasure, who can I blame?, again I remember no one but me.

4 am wake up, sad wet face in the darkness, hot poker insides, half alive rocking, praying for release, praying for belief, night-dreaming of friends and eternity.

4 am wake up, stream of conscious calling, brew it hot, brew it hard, drink it up, drink it in, try not to be angry with sweet pink skin bundle, trying to remember this is the bed that I made.

4 am wake up, nose dive disaster, couch sitting, floor laying, drifty mind clouds of thunder, book bag rummaging, internet dancing, noises sound closer than ever before.

4 am wake up, will this be forever?, the softness is tender but darkness chases me here, whimpers from caged in places, get back where I put you, calling off demons and all sorts of things.

4 am wake up, how do I end this?, talking of blackness and eternal races, they shadow box in these hours, vivid not see-through, alone with the harshness of quiet and realness of skin on my skin.

new poems, poetry


cotton candy bike shorts

exposed knees, rose bush cuts

banana seat freedom

front yard peeing

no time to stop the cul-de-sacs calling

mouths on mouths on mouths.


blooming air, thick sweet honey

skin close freckled

eyes meet electric

licking lips, popsicles

mouths turned sunset splendid colors

mouths on mouths on mouths.


kissy kissing with saliva

“time for dinner”, blushing hiding

feet embarrassed 

mauve carpet looking

secret thoughts delighted knowing

mouths on mouths on mouths.


barefoot chaser, best friend replacer 

leaving longing I think she’s calling

sticks and stones, 

upset stomach

cool off bath, mom’s hurried quiet

mouths on mouths on mouths.