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Marina and Ulay

“Sometimes when I can’t sleep I look for interesting stuff on youtube. Have you heard of Marina and Ulay? Marina and Ulay met as young aspiring artists in their twenties. They spent the next decade and a half living out of their car, traveling around creating art until Ulay cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant. By the early 80’s they had decided to break up but to commemorate their relationship, their breakup needed to be memorable. So Marina and Ulay went to opposite ends of the Great Wall in China and the plan was to walk the wall, meet in the middle, and bid each other farewell forever. They walked the wall for three months until meeting in the center, said goodbye and never saw or spoke to each other again….

…Until 2012 when Marina decided to do an art installation called ‘The Artist is Present’ in which she invited strangers to stare into each others eyes. Love is a beast…”