I will (bad poetry)

whatever happened to New York City

whatever happened to the Mediterranean coast

whatever happened to Holiday and holidays spent

under foreign suns

whatever happened to our tent?

whatever happened to your heart of flesh?

who replaced it?

I will

I will

I will

be the one who loves you the mostest

always and forever


I will

I will

I will

repeated for emphasis

but still I wonder

whatever happened?

we moved here unexpectedly

not looking for


wanting everything

wanting each other

not wanting each other

meeting no one

clinging together

like clumsy spiderwebs

uniting, dividing,

multiplying cells

making promises

breaking promises

whatever happened?

we live here still

under smoggy skies stained with the blood of others

hopes crushed

hopes rising

like smoke streamers from the Russian men’s cigars

but still I wonder

whatever happened to those films?

whatever happened to the music on the record player,

extension cord through canvas tent windows

living off stolen power?

It’s much better this way

and I like her all the same

but still I wonder

whatever happened?

I will

I will

I will.