haiku for an existential crisis and some some other things

No one has ever
seen me but me, being
alive is being sad.

and also:

“no one goes to the Beverly Center”

and also:

Neil Young reminds me
“date night makes you a monster”
he sings like sea foam
a kodachrome day dream
hold on–

and also:

“you weird old sad fellow”

and also:

“you should kiss me I’m
70% water”


use I statements

you hunt me

I feel like you hunt me

I feel like you want to hunt me

You feel like I want you to hunt me


who’s the rabbit?

who’s the headlights?

maybe its me?

you know that’s not true.


I ache all the time.

I mean, when do you ache?


my body’s imploding now

heart cut in five parts,

it’s hunting the hunter now

and don’t you forget.


morning bell

morning bell

do your division now

but instead of the kids,

please cut him in half.