other people's poems


“in l.a., everything is spread out and
everyone lives in their own little world
in the ’80’s, NWA, eazy-e, ice cube and ice-t
repped south central, now it’s mostly latino
white kids, they brag about being gangsta rappers

youtube can make any poindexter
a star

at ucla, sorority girls flirt with me
as i help them move furniture
up the road in bel-air, a maid gets off
the bus and walks to work
she dreams of living in a neighborhood
like that

every coffeehouse i go to
i always meet an actor or a screenwriter
or a model or a dancer
at a check cashing place in hollywood
a woman stands besides me,
cashes a check and gets a brick
of one hundred dollar bills
her breasts belongs on a cartoon character
i’m thinking

as i sit on the sand at sunset beach, i wonder
how much will I pay
to make my dreams come true ?”