things that were said @ Poetry Friday

…tell him solitude
is creative if he
is strong….
– Carl Sandburg, from The People, Yes


“I’ll read the poem,
anyone got a problem with that?” – Stacy

“I was in a plane once,
the pilot said,
‘we’re gunna make it'” – Charles

“I’ll do anything for
beauty but I don’t recycle
when shit gets hard” – Liz

“there is no such thing as
common sense,
it’s a non-concept” – Charles (?)

“he ratted me out for
looking at porno on
the library computer” – Alan @ Phinoy

“this poem puts conditions on love…
on feelings” – Gary

“you know when you get to the shore
all is well, and that is where the
healing begins” – Mike

“I rode a horse before and
I didn’t feel powerful,
I felt insecure” – Mike

“would a true love even allow you
to do this?” – Gary

“no, it’s not about the black thing,
just the gay thing” – Stacy

“but he’s nutty as a fruit cake!” – Mike

“the dictionary defines unconditional
love as worship” – Charles

“the thing I love most about you
is that you love me” – Kelvin


job description

On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 9:56 AM, Liz Sanford wrote:

Oh yeah babe all I do it fight this shitttttt
basically this should be the job description:

NOW HIRING, Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Homeless Services
Job Title: SPA Level CES Matcher

Daily tasks include, but are not limited to:

– Repeatedly fighting with ‘The Man’ in its various manifestations

– Receiving little to no support from the lead funding agency in the CoC (Continuum of Care) while fighting with ‘The Man’ in its various manifestations

– Providing mandatory outcome data points to said lead agency that are in no way collected by or reported in the expensive database designed especially for this purpose by said lead agency

– Penalization by said lead agency for lack of outcome data points that literally do not exist

– Advocating relentlessly for ‘Fair Housing’ ideology that CoC has vocalized, agreed upon, and printed on official city/county website and other publicly available materials

– Writing enumerable emails that document PSH and landlord abuse of above mentioned Fair Housing ideology to said lead agency; receiving no, late and/or uninformed guidance from said lead agency upper management and line staff

– Collecting and providing feedback to facilitate SPA-wide and cross-SPA systems improvement; both qualitative and quantitative (i.e. myriad grievance reports, policy improvement ideas, non-traditional community partner insights, Housing Provider concerns, agency level complaints, case manager complaints, client complaints, etc.)

– Getting thrown under the bus by said lead agency when said lead agency is audited and held accountable for the above known systems failures

– Providing unpaid support to a wide range of involved entities and persons within the CoC due to lack of leadership and effective funding bucket allocations from said CoC lead agency; including driving clients (that are not your clients) to housing related appointments in your personal car, using personal cell phone for all job related calls without reimbursement, educating other agencies and partners with materials you or your agency have printed out of pocket due to lack of accurate materials developed by CoC ‘authorities’, educating CoC lead agency key-players about their own system, etc. etc.)

– Picking up old coping mechanisms due to tasks listed in the above job description, such as alcoholism, self-harm, paint huffing, or repeated suicide attempts, most frequently executed by jumping out a 5th floor window at 811 Wilshire Blvd

– Post-mortem employment termination from this position, per said lead CoC agency’s mandate, citing that your pre-mature death did not yield new assessments, provide positive outcomes, or continue to propagate CES rhetoric, and would thus not be tolerated

**Please email HR dept at fuckLAHSA@youragencynamehere.org with cover letter if interested.**

music, poetry

5 moments*



  • “Hi Liz, not sure if I mentioned this classic song which is relatively & slightly dated. (1991)

    The Field Mice (UK) song title “5 Moments” Easily available on YT of course.

    But still fantastic for 2017???
    A new & better (even EDM/dream-pop version) or an exact cover. I think it could work for you as a b-side for your 1st single?
    I hope you are having a good weekend. I’m going back to camp in the Palisaides to wait out the heatwave.
    Hope to see you next week.